A New Home for Numeric Citizen IntrospectionDear subscribers, Today I have some important news that I want to share with you. Starting this week, if all goes well, I’ll be using another pl…
Going on a trip soon, after a two years pause. #inspiration #photography #writing
The internet is full of great inspirational and delightful artwork. This is just one example that I want to share with you.
A week-end trip. A church. Curiosity. Fascination. Contemplative mood. An iPhone. Ingredients for intricate and subtle details discovery.
This is my introspection summary on my numeric life for 2021-10. The Apple Silicon revolution continues. Dune movie impress, is it the next 2001 Space …
Where were you in 1986? Do you remember what were you up to at that time? I do.
A possible long term solution for reading more often and a useful tool for bloggers.
Going on a quick trip, without my traditional camera gear. Did I made a mistake?
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