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Like dance clubs, social networks come and go. Musk should know better. There is life after Twitter. #twitter #musk #elonmusk #elonmuskbuytwitter
Something is about to happen, following the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Muck. And it looks ugly. Can Substack be the next Twitter?
Musing About Returning on SubstackI left Substack for Ghost more than a year ago. Since then, I’m missing the engagement portion that came with Substack. Moreover, I’m not gettin…
A reminder that my newsletter has moved to Ghost.org
A New Home for Numeric Citizen IntrospectionDear subscribers, Today I have some important news that I want to share with you. Starting this week, if all goes well, I’ll be using another pl…
Going on a trip soon, after a two years pause. #inspiration #photography #writing
The internet is full of great inspirational and delightful artwork. This is just one example that I want to share with you.
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