Writing takes time.
We have to pause to enjoy our surroundings.
A worrisome trend gets worse by the day.
I have these bad feelings about having lost precious time of my life.
This is my introspection summary on my numeric life for 2021-06
When there is no signals I get the feeling of being disconnected. Here is why.
Some commute rides are much better than others. 
Electric scooters are so cool. But for others. Here is why.
The mandatory work-from-home requirement is about to end, thanks to an improving COVID-19 situation. Will I return to the office? 
This is my introspection summary of my numeric life for May of 2021. While waiting for Apple's next WWDC conference. 
I don't know about other runners but when I'm running, I'm not focusing at all. My head is full of many thoughts. Here is a run-down.
Last summer, thanks to COVID-19, instead of travelling out of the country for our vacation, we decided to rent a summer house for two months, far from …