Re: aows #26

Admiring your art.

Wow. wow. wow. I love those images and those small stories. There is something to your style that is so unique, singular, strange even. Mystic maybe. Those images are really tied to someone unique. This is YOUR visual brand if I can say so. I wish I could create my own style too. I’m working on this as often as possible. This particular photo of mine is inspired by your style.

Numeric Citizen Introspection
Photo Legend #27 — A Room With a View
It was a wonderful early September day where summer is beginning to show signs of decline while signs of fall are pointing to the horizon. The weather was mild during the day but chilly during the night. The smell of the forest was so good, making me feel connected to it, being part of it and demanding a contemplative look. Capturing the scene is always……
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I’m with you when you write about finding art in mundane places. As soon as we can stop, look around, let the inspiration grow, there is always something new to look at, from a new angle, with some new lighting, with a different mood to the scene. You brilliantly illustrate this with so many of your images. Bravo.

I can’t remember exactly how I discovered you, but I know that I don’t want to miss anything. I’m subscribing to your RSS feed for that. I can’t wait for what is coming next.

aows #26
on photographing where we live My hometown, the place where I grew up, is a very unremarkable town. Just one of many in this region. Some would even say it’s boring and ugly. I won’t argue with that. And yet, I love photographing it whenever I’m around here…
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