Re: Six things you should know about the Epic v. Apple ruling 

Is Apple doomed, this time? Not yet but...

I find it surprising to think that consumers will get a portion of the 30% developers will no longer have to pay to Apple. I expect developers to keep all the money, keep doing Electron-based apps because, it’s good enough and cheaper, and nobody really cares, right? That being said, I think Apple should enable third-party payment processing platforms in the App Store. They should be reviewed by Apple before approval. Once done, then any developers could start to integrate them into their apps. I see payment processing services as some type of plug-ins that, once allowed by Apple, can be used by any developer. Finally, Apple is being stubborn here and open up the doors for others (ie governments) to force them to change in ways they won’t really like. They are in a position of weakness. Sadly.

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Six things you should know about the Epic v. Apple ruling 
Hi! And welcome to a special edition of Big Technology dedicated to the ruling in the Epic v. Apple trial. This is major news and the moment calls for a special note on it. First, here’s a quick note from our sponsor: Meet Big Technology’s Headline Sponsor: Unfinished Live…
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